Omega Ply & Door

House of premium plywoods, shuttering plywoods, doors and blockboards

About Us

We are an ISO:9001 certified company established in year 1992. We are manufacturer of extensive rage of plywood, shuttering plywoods, doors (including Flush, Laminates and Membrane doors) and Blockboards .

We are one of the leading plywood brands on North Bihar and Jharkhand.

Our Products

We are quality manufacturer of

  • Commercial Plywoods

  • Shuttering Plywoods

  • Flush, Membrane and Laminate Doors

  • Alternate Plywoods

  • Block-boards

  • Hardwood Plywoods

Quality Certification:

We are an ISI and ISO Certified Company.

Our leading Plywood/Door Brands